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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm ba-ack!!

Good morning readers!!

Yesterday ended nicely with a visit to the doctor, who told me I can resume my normal life.  Woo hoo!  I'll go see him again before vaca, but he seemed confident that I was on the mend.  Woo hoo! (again)

Last night I had someone from Craigslist come by to buy a chair I'm selling, and she was just proof that not everyone who responds to items on craigslist is crazy. She was a young grandmother and soooo sweet, so I felt better parting with the chair knowing where it was going.  Then after a friend of a friend came to look at my apartment.  Those two activities pushed me to clean up a bit, which was badly needed.

This morning...I RAN!!!

Carlos (or whatever I'm calling him) asked me to set the alarm for 5:20, which I did.  At which point he said something along the lines of  "I'm definitely not going to class", but it was perfect because it let me doze for another 30 minutes or so and then get up and run.

It was about 48 degrees in NYC when I headed out (so probably a bit cooler by me).  It was leisurely and quite nice.  My goal was to run without stopping, which I did.  I don't usually have a set path, rather just see where the run takes me and then check my mileage when I get home.  However I do always time myself so I have a rough estimate of how far I've gone.  (I can do anywhere from 10-12 minute miles.)

I was running for about 37 minutes, so I figured that was between 2-3 miles, especially since I was RUSTY.  When I clocked the route in to Map My Run, it came up as 3.28 (yes, it's 11+ minute miles, but whatever!).  Nice!  That's more than my 5K distance which means that as I hoped, the race shouldn't be an issue.  Phew.

So the day is off to a good start.

Lots to do plus an 8 Minute event tonight.  Time to get slammin'.  (not even sure what that means, it just came out)

Have a great Thursday!!

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