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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And it's July...

Just doing a google image search for fireworks made me smile.  Try it! :)

Yes, I know it's actually been July since last week, but in terms of my posts, this is the first one in July.

And, July 4th has come and gone.  Wow.

I love the 4th of July, it's one of my favorite holidays.  I think I love it because it's in the summer, it's so patriotic, and it always involves fireworks and BBQs.  Plus it's usually the first day off from work since Memorial Day.

It was fun this year, but the whole weekend was so busy that I didn't do anything on the 4th (by choice) and didn't even see any fireworks, although I did hear them.

A recap:  Friday was time with my parents, erranding and home improvement stuff.  Saturday was a wedding at West Point.  Sunday my condo neighbors and I had a pig roast/BBQ.  Then it was Monday.

I ate a lot this weekend.  Which is OK because I think it will make the transition back to healthy eating easier.  When it comes down to it, my stomach doesn't like bad-for-you food, so I should overall feel better now that it's out of my system.

Today is the turning over of a new leaf!  Healthy eating and gym, here I come!

As it related to a post last week, I signed up for another 5K.  It's in a bit over 3 weeks and is an evening "sunset run".  Hopefully it will help me motivate.

How were your weekends?

The lemon blueberry squares were just as good as I remembered even though I had to use quick oats instead of the original.  Yum!

Any good recipes to share?

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