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Thursday, July 14, 2011

smiley face

I really think I'm starting to feel like myself again.  It feels great!

I can't say what changed or exactly when things shifted but I feel good and I'm going with it.

So let's see...
Today is Thursday so I have a one hour class tonight that I'm not at all prepared for.  I'm hoping to have some down time at work or during lunch to throw together a 60 minute ride.  I really had no idea how time consuming it would be to have to adapt all my old rides.  I also really had no idea of how little spare time I have in a week.

Yesterday I bought myself a little present.

I got the pink one and I was lucky enough to find it at Marshall's on clearance.  It was missing a straw but I was sneaky and took one from another cup and put it in.  Is that stealing?  I hope not!

Since I've finally figured out how to make a smoothie that tastes good, it's been one of my favorite summertime breakfasts.  Thing is, I was pouring it in to a cup and then taking it in the car, sans lid.  Thankfully it only made a mess once, but I figured a cup with a lid was probably a good idea.

Maybe I'm pathetic, but I'm REALLY excited to use it.

Last night I finally went back to the TRX class at Crunch.  The class was at 6p and I had to be there by 5:30 to sign up so I did some incline walking pre-class.  They have those crazy treadmills that go up to an incline of 30%.  I only made it to 18%.  It's tough!  I wanted to run but it didn't feel right and due to a health issue (more below) I decided to stick with walking.  

The class was great.  Unfortunately it's only 30 minutes so it's a bit rushed, but I do enjoy moving quickly from one exercise to the next.  The only other downside is that there are a few too many TRXs for the space.  They are all mounted along one side wall and the back wall.  Some mounts have 4 TRXs on them, which just makes for very close quarters.

Pardon me while I get up on my soapbox.  I think TRX is a bit more advanced of workout method.  It assumes that you have knowledge of form and core strength.  Clearly many people in this class did not have this knowledge.  Since it's a quick and crowded class, I don't think there's enough one on one critique.  It pains me to see people using incorrect form, but it's not my job to help them.  Maybe an intro TRX class would be a good idea.  On a side note, I'd really like to get certified to teach it, but I think then I'd probably need a few other certifications too.  Since I just realized I have no free time, that's probably not an option right now.

And back to earth...

So once again I'm dealing with a health issue and once again it's female.  Ugh.  I again have an ovarian cyst.  I have no clue why all of a sudden I'm having these issues, but I am.  The last time the doc initially told me to do no physical activity.  This time he just told me not to twist.

I did a quick google search regarding running (I'm signed up to run a 5K in 2 weeks) and was amazed by how much talk there was on this topic.  Have any of you dealt with this sort of thing?  What did you find in terms of your working out?

For now I'm going about things as usual but if something feels off I'll stop.  Sounds logical, right?

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