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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Green monster

This is NOT me.
I do feel bad "borrowing"
this image, but who puts
a picture like this up online?
Sorry Boston, this post is NOT about you or that yucky team of yours.  Sorry, born and bred yanks fan here. :)

Do you ever have repeat dreams?  Or dreams where one part happens frequently?  Like being caught naked at school?

I keep having dreams about being out and about with a facial mask (Queen Helene Mint Julep mask to be exact) on my face.  In last night's dream, I took a train to Philly (I think) and then took a bus to Baltimore.  During my trek from the train station to the bus I found it odd that no one was being friendly to me.  Once on the bus I randomly saw some college friends and it was the looks on their faces that reminded me that I had a green mask on my face.  WTF?  See image to the right.

Any dream interpreters out there?  What might this mean?

I didn't make it to the gym last night.  My lovely cyst was acting up so I wasn't feeling up for much.  Instead of going straight home, I hit up Home Goods and Walmart.  While in Walmart the sky opened up so I got caught in a bit of a summertime downpour.  I bought Bran Flakes as I hope to try Julie's peanut butter protein bars sometime this week.

For dinner I made some kale chips.  The kale was a little old and I was a little impatient so they weren't quite as crunch as I'd like, but they were still good.  Over the weekend Carlos had whipped together some veggie burgers.  Or rather, a veggie burger mush which you then shape in to patties.  He tried one on the grill on Sunday and it was an epic fail.  I didn't watch him make them, but from what he told me he used baby bella mushrooms, canned beets (to make it look like meat he said), peppers, chick peas, onions, breadcrumbs, one egg, and brown rice (ironically cooked in chicken bouillon).  He made them in a vitamix so the veggies are totally unidentifiable but I think it tastes great!  You can totally taste the mushrooms and the brown rice really helps with the texture.  I'll try to snap a photo later but be warned, they look kind of yucky in their raw state.

That said, any recommendations for home made veggie burger recommendations?

And now it's time to be productive.  Happy hump day!!

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