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Monday, July 18, 2011

Support the girls

Good morning!  Happy Monday!

I hope you had wonderful weekends.  Mine was nice.  I finally got some time in by the pool so I no longer resemble a ghost.  The weirdest thing was that I was the only person at the pool.    I guess people deemed it more of a beach day, which is fine.  Personally, I don't go to the beach in CT because I think it shouldn't even be called a beach, but that's just me.


Both my sister and I are huge fans of the Target sports bras. They were on sale last week so between me, my sister, and my mother, I think we bought about 7.  Then a few days later my mother went back to Target with her friend who is also obsessed and they both bought more.

So what is so great about them?  They're really comfortable and while they absorb sweat, you don't feel wet.  Plus, they come in the most wonderful and bright colors. I knew I was in love when I found my first tie dyed sports bra.  Love.

As you can see, there are two styles, the more substantial standard style and then the bra-let type style.  Both are great.  However, I'm not sure how either would do for someone with big girls.  I think the bralet one is probably low/medium impact.  Although if you're like me, many of my shirts have built in bras which turns a low impact into a more solid medium impact.

The only drawback?  They bleed.  I haven't found the tie dye ones to bleed, but I have a pink with black straps one and a neon orange one and they both bleed.  The pink one only bleeds on to my skin.  This morning I wore the orange one and it tinted part of my shirt.  It does come off in the wash though.  My sister has had some serious issues with this, tinting her tshirt and then tinting the towel she was holding.  That said, I'll issue a buyer beware but it hasn't stopped me.  I just bought a black one but since I haven't worn it yet I can't say if it bleeds.

Have you tried these?  Do you like them?  Hate them?


chrispins said...

Hi Jessica! I have not tried these bras yet, but I may need to go and buy one (or three) soon! I don't have to be too picky, since I'm an A cup (TMI, I know)... Couple of questions: Do they just bleed the first time? Have you tried washing them in cold water seperately first?
Got your post over on the blog: I am doing the 'Stronger' spin tonight, so I'll send a reply and let you know how Mr. Saxobeat goes. It is a bit on the annoying side. We're going to do alternating standing/seated flats. It's good to be back!!

Jessica said...

Mine actually didn't bleed the first time but only on subsequent wears, which is strange.
I've never washed them before warning but do always wash them in cold water. Maybe a nice long soak in woolite would help.
Definitely let me know about Saxobeat.
Hope camping was great!