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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last minute spinning

It's 2:23p.  I'm teaching tonight at 5:30p.  Yikes!

I got a call this morning asking if I could sub.   5:30 is tough for me so I just hoped they'd find someone else.  They didn't.  They called me again.  I was the last person on their list so if I didn't take it, the class would be cancelled.  

Maybe I'm just too nice but I couldn't do that to the members.  So now I have to sprint out of the office at 5p to get to the gym in time to change and teach.  Fingers crossed that it goes smoothly but I guess even if I'm a few minutes late it's better than there being no instructor.  Right?


Caroline said...

Way better than no instructor! I have had many moments where I am rushing into teach a class(spin)- feeling frazzled! But honestly most of the time those are my best classes! They begin with a certain intensity that can be a nice surprise :) Good luck!

Jessica said...

Thanks Caroline. You are so right!

I think a few of them thought I was nuts. Especially when I couldn't find my ipod. It was in my spin shoe. Duh! But overall it was a good class.

chrispins said...

Jessica saved the day again! Yay! i would have done the same! That's why we rock!