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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's Date

Tonight I'm off to host one of my 8 Minute Dating events.

I really enjoy the events when they're happening, but the couple of days leading up to an event are always rather stressful.  I blame the men.  Sounds funny, but I'm serious.  Men don't want to sign up for these events for fear of being deemed a "loser".  I've heard this from men, I'm not making it up.

Thing is, women LOVE this sort of thing and I always have plenty of women to attend.  If only men realized this, they might be more likely to sign up.  Maybe?

So in the last few days leading up to an event I'm usually scrambling to find men to attend.  Not fun.

So instead of going to the gym to visit my beloved TRX, I'll be at a bar.  About even, right?

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