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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hi stranger

Wow, I've really managed to slack this past week and I apologize.  There's a lot of stuff going on and I've been going a bit insane.  If I were a big drinker, this week would surely drive me to drink.  Guess it's a good thing I'm not.  Instead a week like this makes me want to run away and/or hide.  If I could take a trip right now, you bet your bottom dollar that I'd be a goner.


Was supposed to be on vaca this week but had to cancel that due to a death in a friend's family.  Things happen, it's what life is about.

Some random things...

Have you ever felt someone watching you at the gym?  I was doing a back exercise with a resistance tube and some man on a cardio machine was very obviously watching me and kind of making a weird face.  Weird.  Maybe he was jealous?

Worked out at the gym near my parent's house.  I always find working out at a new gym to be interesting.  In some ways it's fun to do something different and get out of your comfort zone, but in other ways it's annoying bc you don't know the dynamic of the gym, or the layout.  The meat heads were doing their job rocking out in the weights area and since I didn't really know the lay of the land I couldn't block them out as well as I usually do.  Oh well, it was fine.

Class on Saturday was GREAT!  Good group, good energy and almost full, which in my opinion makes a spin class better for everyone.  Given that it was a gorgeous day, I was pretty psyched that people made it to the gym.

Off to the gym in a few now, the goal being to kick my own butt (and arms/legs/chest/back) a bit.  Fun times!

Hopefully I'll do a bit better with posting this week.  Fingers crossed.

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Wendy said...

Great blog - keep it up!! We have lots in common, fo it'll be awesome to follow each other's blogs!
Took a spinning class a couple weeks ago cuz I'd been wanting to try it. Very cool! So great that you're a spin instructor. Wish I could take your class!