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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trying new things

One of the hardest things (for me) about working in the fitness world is still making time to get your own workouts in.  Thankfully I'm not a trainer so I don't have to deal with people coming up and asking me questions mid-workout.  I do however have to balance my class schedule with my workout schedule.  I'm currently teaching about five classes a week, which makes it a bit challenging.

Given that I'm still out of work and have lots of time on my hands, I'm trying to branch out and take new classes when I can.  Last week was the yoga fiasco.  Today I went for Pilates.  It was not a fiasco, so that's good.  I haven't taken Pilates in at least three years (probably significantly more), so it was rather foreign, but it was good, and I will go back.  Mission accomplished for today.

I know people get nervous about going to new classes or trying new things.  I'm here to say that nerves are OK, but don't let it prevent you from trying something.  Everyone is new at some point.  Show up a few minutes early, tell the instructor you're new.  They'll appreciate that and ideally be extra willing to help you get settled.

I still tell the story about when I first started spinning.  My mother had been spinning for some time and had lost a good amount of weight and was loving her spin classes.  She encouraged me to try it, but I hesitated, because I was scared.  Sometime later I decided it was time to take my first spin class, so I put myself on a training regimen.  Yes, you read correctly, I trained for spin.  Nothing too crazy, but I made myself ride the stationary bike in the gym progressively until I reached 45 minutes, then I felt ready.

I called the gym the day before to sign up for the class.  I told them I wanted to sign up for the 6:30 class, gave my name, and hung up.  No turning back.  The next day, as I was leaving work and heading to class I realized that I didn't specify AM or PM.  Minor freak out ensued.  I called the gym and sure enough I was on the morning list, but she assured me that there was room in the PM class.  So I went for it.  I showed up about 15 minutes early (which I still do to this day), introduced myself to the instructor and told him I was new.  He showed me the ropes and it was great.  At the end of the class he congratulated me in front of everyone and they clapped.  I was hooked.

Now on a side note, one of my pet peeves is when new students come to my class on time, not early.  Because I showed up 15 minutes early the instructor had plenty of time to explain things to me.  When you show up right at the start of the class, I can't put the class on hold to teach you.  So while I do get it done, it's not ideal, so any future spinners reading this, please try to show up early for your first class, your instructor will really appreciate it.  Unless he/she isn't on time...but that's a whole other topic....

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