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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Veggie burgers

I'm a very veggie-friendly non-veggie.  In other words, I'm not a vegetarian, but since I have been in the past, I still eat some foods that are thought to be vegetarian fare.

Veggie burgers were a staple when I didn't eat meat, but since I thoroughly enjoy them, i've kept them in the mix ever since.

I feel like I've had most brands and flavors so I figured I'd share my thoughts on the different brands out there.  As I was cooking up my veggie burger du jour, I thought of this idea and here I am.

I typically cook my veggie burgers in the microwave, so all of these judments are based upon that. 

Dr. Praeger's
Tthis is what i'm eating today, the California veggie burger.  They're tasty and what I love is that the veggies are very identifyable in the patty.  However, they don't microwave well so they didn't work well when I brought them to work for lunch.
They have a Tex/Mex flavor, which I've never tried and possibly something with an Indian flair.
Today I cooked mine in a skillet and was very happy with the outcome.

Boca Burgers
I feel like these were one of the originals.  Where they differ from the others here is that they try to mimic meat.  I love a good hamburger so I was open to giving these a try.
While the smell is close and there's a bit of a smoky flavor, the consistency is off and I always get heartburn when I eat these.
I'd eat this if it was my only choice, but otherwise, I'll pass.

I like this brand.  They have several varieties and I prefer their original and veggie medley varieties over some of the other brands.  They have a more oaty/grain feeling, which makes me feel a bit more satisfied after eating them.  I'm also a big fan of their Black Bean Chipotle variety, which gives you a little heat and a nice dose of fiber.  I also like the corn in that flavor.

Morningstar Farms
This is another brand that I feel like I've  eatingfor a long long time.  The consistency of their burgers is a bit different than the Gardenburger, which I feel is their closest competitor.  I've had the Garden VeggieChipotle Black Bean, and Asian Veggie varieties.  I feel that both the veggie flavors cook up on the greasier side and then to give me indigestion.  The Asian variety makes my apt. smell weird when I cook them.  Again, not my favorite.

I'm sure there are other brands out there that I'm overlooking, but these are the most common.

Have you had another brand you'd recommend, or stay away from?  I had veggie burgers from Costco last summer (I think they were homemade) and they were amazing, but haven't seen them since.

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