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Monday, July 26, 2010

MIA Monday

Sorry for the lack of a post today.  Looong day.  I've now been up for 15 hours.  Ouch.

Weekend was a blast, lots of pool time and fun times with friends. xoxo

Monday as of late is a 6am and 9:30a spin day.  6a was fine.  9:30 I was dragging.  Energy was low and was just feeling blah.  I apologized to the class for my lack of energy and they said they didn't notice.  Phew.  Came home and ate, and rested, and ate, and rested.  Exciting day.

I feel like I might be fighting a cold and for me the best way to win that fight is to get plenty of sleep.  So I gave myself permission to just laze around and relax.  Mission accomplished.  Still not feeling 100% but hopefully on the mend.

Will try to put up a useful post tomorrow.  Today, case of the Mondays.

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