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Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Friday! (and a spin ride)

HAPPY FRIDAY!  So glad the weekend is almost here.  I have two friends coming in to town tomorrow for a little pool party.  Should be great!

On the To Do list for today...
Supermarket (maybe)

The emphasis is on the cleaning.  I am pretty much the farthest thing from Mr. Clean that you'll ever meet.  An ex of mine said that the cleaning gene is something you either have or you don't...let's just say I DON'T.  When this same ex moved in to his own place (ages ago) he asked me what kind of vacuum he should get and I told him I didn't understand why he even needed a vacuum.  Oops!  Just so you know, I do now own a vacuum and have for years.

Any tricks for making cleaning more bearable?  I'm thinking music and maybe open windows (although it's probably hot as hell here).

As promised, here's a better late than never Spin ride that I was rocking last week.  It has some more recent music so I'm not sure how it will age, but we'll see.

Ride Like the Wind - Remix - 4:00 (not sure of artist)
Warm up

Dynamite - Taio Cruz - 3:23
Seated climb, starting out moderate, let's get the party started.  Add resistance every minute or so.

Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran - 3:26
Let's take that same hill out of the saddle and get it heavy.

Na de Na - Angel y Kriz - 3:22
Back to the saddle, back off half of the resistance, settling somewhere moderate and get ready for jumps.  6 counts and then 4 counts for the last minute.

If I Can't Have You - Kelly Clarkson - 3:40
Flat road, recover and then do sprints on the chorus.

Nothing on You - B.O.B. - 3:41
Seated climb, going back up.

Holiday - Green Day - 3:53
Standing climb, getting heavy.  Picking up the pace on the chorus.

Beds Are Burning - Novaspace - 3:23
Nice fast remix.  Once again, back the resistance down to moderate and jump. 

Love Sex Magic - Justin Timberlake and Cierra - 3:42
Flat road, recover.  If/when riders are ready, they can pick up their pace.  As the song nears the end, let's start to add resistance a little at a time to prepare for our next hill.

Runaway - Bon Jovi - 3:53
Run/climb combo.  Start out in a run (standing 2), transition between there and standing 3.  Adding resistance after the completion of a set.

Shut Up and Drive - Rihanna - 3:33
Sprints!  On the chorus, there are 3 of them, each about 30 seconds.
First sprint is on the same hill we just came off of, second sprint at half resistance, third is on the flat.  So each time those legs are able to move faster.

Ready Steady Go - Paul Oakenfeld (I think) - 4:15
This is my KILLER song.  Take it out to a climb in 3, starting moderate.  Every time they say "ready steady go" I instruct the class to pick up their pace (as close to a sprint as possible) and do a 10 second breakaway.  I count and tell them when to slow down.  There are a couple of natural breaks in the song during which I prompt the class to add resistance.  By the end of this song we are spent and out of breath but feeling great!

Cool down!! (not sure of my music)

Please do me a favor and have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!  Thanks :)

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