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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I can't believe that the oreo's did such a number on me.  But, lesson learned, so I guess it's OK.  My stomach was still feeling off last night after the gym.

My motivation was seriously lacking yesterday.  I didn't even get dressed until around 5:30p when I put my gym clothes on.  I thought class was at 6:30.  Oops, it was at 7, so I had an extra 30 minutes.  Hopped on the treadmill for a run and after a mile had nearly debilitating stomach cramps (damn oreos!).

Stomach was better during Boxing class but still left me feeling queasy at times.  WTF Nabisco!?!?!?

Taught this AM and used my latest 80s ride, which I'll post one of these days.  I know I owe you guys a spin ride so I'll put one up later today.  Speaking of which, these rides don't have to be used for Spin only, you can totally use them for a run or just as ideas for new songs.

Not much else going on here, going to try to stay motivated as my Wednesday have me driving about 30 miles later tonight to teach a second class.

Spin on!

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