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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Injury Update

So here's the outcome of my doctor's appointment today.  Lovely, right?  Thankfully it's not a serious injury and he seems to think that 3 weeks of wearing this brace should do the trick.  The good news is that he said I can pretty much do whatever I want, as long as the brace is on.  So i'm going to test this out at the gym tonight and we'll see how it goes.

Xrays didn't show any  major issues, aside from a "deformity" (my term, not his).  The wrist is made up of the radius and the ulna.  Well I guess one of them is typically straight and the other is a bit curved (not sure which is which) but on me, they're reversed and the straight one is curved, etc.  Leave it to me to be a little different.

So he said it just seems like a bit of trauma/irritation from whatever I did plus a little carpal tunnel.  So i'm on advil 3x's a day for the next week and then the brace as often as possible for the next three weeks.  Then hopefully i'll be cured!

Now I can do a weekly post on what it's like to workout with a brace on.  Ha!

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