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Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm kind of all over the place today.

First of all, I'm hungry.  I just looked at Eat This Not That and they did a whole thing on sushi, so after looking at the nice pictures of the featured rolls, I could totally go for some sushi.  Yum! 
The highlights of the article were pretty obvious (in my mind).  Stay away from the spicy rolls (spicy=mayo+chili sauce), fried rolls, and eel rolls (while a great source of Omega 3's, eel is usually covered in sugary sweet BBQ sauce).


Did another leg workout last night after teaching a spin class.  This time I added in a few jumping squats and three wall sits (30s each).  I did about 12 reps of every exercise and kept going with little to no breaks.  I was a sweaty mess and I loved it.  Not feeling overly sore today, but maybe there's a one day delay, we shall see.

On the wrist front...
I've been removing the brace when I teach because it gets SWEATY!
I'm supposed to have another 5/6 days with it, but honestly, I'm not feeling much of an improvement so I've taken the liberty of removing it at times.  Sadly I really don't have the funds right now to keep going back to the doctor, so I may wait it out, in the mean time doing some wrist strengthening exercises with light weight to see if maybe it's just weak.

Fitness related but totally mindless...have you seen Jackie Warner lately?
If you're not sure who she is, she's the trainer behind the show Workout on Bravo.  She's in the July issue of Fitness and personally, I think she's had some work done.  And by some, I mean a lot.  She looks really different.
Is it just me?

Have a fab weekend!  I'll post a spin ride in the next few days.

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