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Monday, July 12, 2010

Jessica's A$$ Kicking Workout (literally)

Happy Monday!  Hope you all had wonderful weekends.  Mine was good, laid back.  Spent some time with my parents as they're leaving for vacation on Wednesday (to China!) and so I won't see them for a while.

Still getting by with the wrist brace.  It's annoying and I actually have had it off for the past few hours and think my wrist might feel better.  Odd. 

Since I'm still figuring things out on the workout front I decided last Thursday to dedicate my workout to legs.  No issues there, right?

After putzing around the gym and talking to friends for (gasp!) 30 minutes, I finally got started.  I don't have the exact breakdown of what I did but I'll give you an outline.  Let me just say that I was still considerably sore on Sunday.  Yes, SUNDAY.

Squats with body bar
Lunges with body bar
step up with overhead press
Squats on bosu ball
Side lunges
Plie squats
Calf raises
Lunges on bosu ball
Alternating lunges
One legged squats (not the best exercise to do last)

I moved quickly from one exercise to the next, then finished up with sets on the adductor/abductor and the glutes kick-back machine.

Next time I'll pay more attention to what I did and will gladly share it here.

Look out Beyonce and JLo is all I have to say!  :)


Anonymous said...

when will you ne back on the bike?? Miss your playlists!! Used your waterfall and had class visualize and it went over good. I believe i changed a song or two but i really liked :-)

Great job jessica!!


Jessica said...

Thanks Marianne!
Where do you teach?
I'm still teaching with the injured wrist, it's not ideal, but subbing out all my classes wasn't really an option.
Should have another ride up sometime this week.
Glad the waterfall went over well. I looked back at it and might change a song or two myself. Ha!