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Monday, August 23, 2010

The end of the 30th year

This is where I was on Friday night...

Yankee Stadium!!

My birthday is tomorrow and so a group of us went to the game on Friday night.  Sadly they lost miserably, but it was a great evening spent with great people and really, I couldn't have asked for more.

This is me, looking scarily happy.
I had planned on trying to get to the gym earlier in the day on Friday, but unfortunately my desire to go out for happy hour beat out my desire to go to the gym.  Oh well!

Even with a big night out on Friday, I still taught my Saturday class.  This week class was at 9:30a instead of 10.  After much talk, the gym had decided to change the group exercise schedule and make my class 30 minutes earlier.  Not surprisingly, when I got to the gym on Saturday they told me that due to regional management complaining, the class would be moving back  to 10a.  So I called it a limited edition 9:30a Saturday spin class.  Oye!

Right now I'm at my usual Monday morning home away from home (Panera), in between classes.  Fueling up on coffee and half a Lara Bar (first time trying the PB&J flavor, yum!).

Have a GREAT Monday folks!!

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Wendy said...

How FUN! Happy birthday to you!!!!!!
Hey, I was thinking maybe you could try putting your blog on the "Healthy Living Blogs" website! My blog post for today has info and a link. Check it out, Miss J!