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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Missing again

 sorry to once again be MIA for a few days.  Was out of town for a funeral. :(

Back today and ready for a bit of a detox.  I made chocolate chip cookies to bring (from scratch) so I have of course eaten my share (and more) of cookies over the past three days.

I've also been having some WICKED heartburn.  It sucks.  I'm actually on meds for reflux so heartburn isn't usually an issue.  Unfortunately, that has not been the case the past few days.  Hopefully now that I'm home I can get back in to my routine and kick the burn to the curb.

Did a heavy leg workout on Monday and am still sore today.  Yikes.

I did step jumps (for lack of a better name).  I stacked a step with four risers on each side.  Standing with one leg on the step and one on the ground I jumped side to side, so I alternated legs on the step, squatting down with the leg on the floor.  Wow, that sounds confusing.

Here's a video that kind of explains what I'm talking about.   I tried to embed a video but it doesn't seem to be working.  But here's a link, if you're curious.  The version I did is more like the ones she does at the end, going deeper in to the squat.  Another a$$ kicking move. :)

Let me know if you try it.

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