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Monday, August 2, 2010

♥ at the gym

Good morning folks!  Happy Monday!

Just a random thought today...

Have you found love in the gym?  Friendship in the gym?

Most of my social life in CT has come from the gym.  Some people find this really odd, and I get that.  I can't even put my finger on how it happened but looking at my circle of friends here, about half of them are from the gym.

And the love thing...well I've dated a couple of guys from the gym.  Nothing turned in to anything overly serious (more just friendships), but yes, I have picked up guys at the gym, or rather, they've picked me up.

One of these guys told me that no guy that was friendly to me at the gym wanted to be just friends.  I don't believe this. 

What has your experience been?


Jamie said...

once, at the gym, a guy said to me "i like my women like my wine..full bodied." after walking away, i thought, thanks, i know i have a booty, but what the hell?! haha!
other then that, i never "met" a guy at the gym like you have. however, one time i left the gym, looking schlumpy in my opinion, went to the mall to pick something up and a guy hit on me in american eagle! eekk! embarrassing! we wound up dating for a few months!

Jessica said...

Funny James.
Love that your gym man had that slightly sleezy edge to him.
I don't really mind meeting someone at the gym bc I like to think that after seeing me all sweaty and gross they'll be way impressed to see me dressed up.
And then there's Jen's story, right?