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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Abs of Makeup...I mean Steel

Who needs an exercise video when you can just use makeup to get that six pack?

I saw this product reviewed in Shape magazine.  I think it's bizarre and I wonder what type of person would take the time to do this, but maybe I'm in the minority here.  What do you think?

Abs in a Box
 Here's some info on what you get in the kit.  I'm copy and pasting this from a site, so I can't take credit for any of this poetry.  This is just some of what comes with the kit.

Ab Setting Spray: Once you have defined your abs to their sexiest, Ab Setting Spray will ensure your make-up lasts long and sets in place.

Ab Stain – Semi-Permanent: This long-lasting semi-permanent ab stain will give you the appearance of ultimate definition that stays on your skin for 3-5 days. Perfect for ultimate abs that last all day long on the beach, all night out on the town and for your entire weekend getaway. No matter how wet or sweaty you get – these abs aren’t going anywhere!

Mini Kabuki Brush: For areas that need sexy shading and sweeping highlights.

Next time before I hit the pool, I'm going to spend a half an hour or so defining my abs so my neighbors all seethe with jealousy.  ;)

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