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Friday, May 13, 2011

Yolks and watermelon

Blogger was down most of the day today hence the delayed blog post.

I'm feeling super random today, so many thoughts are bouncing around my head right now, so why not share them?

  • I took a 6a spin class this morning and I just was NOT feeling it.  This can usually pass if the instructor/music/ride combo is good.  This instructor is good, but the ride didn't do it for me and neither did the music. 
  • After class I was ravenous so I decided to treat myself to breakfast.  I ordered a wrap with egg whites, low fat swiss, and tomato.  And you know what I learned, I'm not really a fan of egg whites.  I'm definitely a yolk girl!
  • I had some of Bethenny's Skinny Girl Margarita last night and unintentionally ended up a bit tipsy for my trip to Walmart (I was not driving).  Oops!
  • I have to pack, but I also have to do soooo many other things.
  • My car service is picking us up at 2:30a, is it worth going to sleep?  What should I do?
  • I kind of wish I had gone to the mall so I could hit up Forever 21 and H&M.  Am trying to figure out if it's stupid to try and go tonight.
  • Will work do what it usually does and be super quiet all day and then boom, the sh*t hits the fan at 4pm?  I hope not!
  • When will my counter top installers call?
  • I bought a pint of pre-cut watermelon and can't wait to eat it!
Random enough for you?

In summary, even with all this internal chaos, I am SUPER DUPER happy that today is Friday and even more excited that vacation is so soon.

The lil' blog will be in hibernation mode this week, so I'll wake it up when I return.

Have a great weekend and upcoming week!  :)

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