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Monday, May 2, 2011

April re-cap

I've noticed that many bloggers are doing monthly recaps, so I figured I'd follow suit.

Oh April...
I am OK with April being done with, it was a stressful month for me and all about messing up my routine; not good for a creature of habit.
  • Construction at the condo started (as did the progression of my gray hairs)
  • My lovely medical issue popped up
  • Mid month celebration of my parents anniversary and family time
  • Mets game on Easter
  • Pack up and move
  • And finally, run my first 5K
Upcoming in May...
  • My sister's birthday (today) - Happy 29th Owl!
  • Renovations to (hopefully) be completed
  • 10 year college reunion
  • Memorial day (plans TBA)
  • Resume some sense of normalcy in my personal life and gym habits
Should be a busy month but hopefully all good things!  What's coming up for you?

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