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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Months ago I had submitted an online application to teach spin at another gym.  A friend of mine teaches there and he suggested I do it.

A couple weeks ago I received a call to audition.  Clearly this gym has no sense of urgency.  I barely even remembered applying.  But anyway...

My audition was on Sunday and it was seriously the biggest joke ever.

Here's how it went...

Walked in to the room.  The hiring manager (or whatever she was) asked me to set up the bike for myself but talk to her like I was setting it up for her.  Fine.  Once that was done, she asked to see my form (seated, run, climb).  Then we were done.  Seriously!??!

How in the world do you know if someone is going to be a good instructor from that?  I could have excellent form and be the lowest energy humdrum person in the world and you'd NEVER know.  I could play Kenny G and Yanni all the livelong day (nothing against either of them).

Plus, one other thing she said rubbed me the wrong way.  Fellow spin instructors, tell me if you agree/disagree.  During the set up, I indicated that I'd ask a new rider (or any rider asking for help) if they had any back problems or knee problems so I could be sensitive to that.  She told me to NEVER ask that as once I do, I become their doctor, and if they hurt themselves they'll try to sue and blame me.  Really?  Not only does Spinning teach you to ask these things, but it puts the well being of the rider first.

From what I've heard, this club does not have the best instructors and I can see why.  However, the gym is close, so if they offer, I will probably take a class.  These members deserve good instructors, so I'll do my best to help them out. :)


Darcy said...

That is the silliest thing ever. Of course you want to know about injuries! We aren't making a diagnosis, we are being aware of our rider's limitations & challenges. I *always* ask these in every single class I teach & every single person I train. Ugh. Are you going to take the teaching position?

Jessica said...

I'm glad you agree. I thought she was being ridiculous.
I actually haven't even heard from the club, so maybe my concern for the riders was off putting. :)
If they call and it works with my schedule, I may give a class a go. A few friends belong to this gym so it would be fun to kick their butts.