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Friday, May 6, 2011

Black and white

Makes gray.

Gray is apparently destined to be my new hair color.  Argh!

For the past couple of years, I've had some gray hairs.  Not a ton, but more than a few.  As a result, I've been dying my hair for quite some time now.  Blame the poor lighting in my bathroom at home but I didn't really know just how bad the situation was.

On one visit to my parent's house, I encountered the mirror in what used to be my bathroom.  Natural light and bright lights.  A quick look at my head and I was horrified!  My head is being attacked by pale creatures!

But once back at my apartment I managed to forget just how bad it was, thanks again to the poor lighting.

Carlos has started making fun of me, which is mean.  But it's OK because he also booked me an appointment to get my hair dyed...professionally.  I guess he didn't like the whole do-it-yourself method.  So tonight I'm saying goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Gray.  Good riddance!  (too bad it's not a one-time permanent fix)

After that I have a dinner date with my friend T.  We're trying out a new restaurant that participates on  Are you familiar with  If not, you buy $25 gift certificates for a max of $10, which while a good deal, is not the deal I go nuts over.  Frequently they have an 80% special which means you get $25 off for just $2!  Depending on where you live, there can be quite a few local restaurants on there, however, read the small print as many won't accept the certificates on weekends.

The rest of the weekend will be busy, but it's still time away from work, so I'll take it.  Plus vaca is in one week from tomorrow!!

So have fabulous weekends and to all the mothers out there, have a very happy mother's day!  xo

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