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Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

I'm mixed on Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Yes, it's wonderful to get the day off from work, but I do feel that most Americans pay no attention to the meaning behind the holiday.  So please, take a few moments to reflect on the people who fight for us and our country.

OK, now I'll hop off the soapbox. :)

I'm going camping this weekend.  I used to love camping so I'm not worried about that.  however I am worried about the massive amounts of food and drink that will be consumed.  I'm OK with the food, I just know that I can't hang like I used to in terms of drinking, so we'll see how this goes over.

But first I'm going to teach tomorrow morning, so it will be good to get a workout in prior to the overindulging that is to follow.

I taught last night, my last class at a certain location and it was a bit bittersweet, especially because there were some new faces.  One girl actually said she was sad it was my last day since she just found my class.  Awww.  Oh well, it is what it is.

Silly me left my ipod at home though so I had to use a ride off CD.  I ended up choosing a ride with the creative title of 9/1/09.  And yes, it was actually from September of 2009.  The music was fine but I had to mix things up a bit with the ride since when I was just getting started I didn't mix things up too much.  I'll try to post it later on, but it was good and we sweated our butts off (which I love).

Well, off to a lunch time mani/pedi (yay Opi Axium) and then happy hour drinks on the water tonight.

Have a fabulous long weekend, be active, and stay safe! xo

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chrispins said...

Have a great weekend! We're camping too! We have an RV with a fridge/freezer/microwave/stovetop, etc., so it's pretty easy to bring along and prepare healthy food just like I'm home. There's lots of room in the fridge for beverages though...