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Monday, May 23, 2011

Yeah mon!

Hello there!

I am back from the gorgeous Jamaica.  The picture above was the beach at our hotel.  Amazing!  It was a fabulous six nights and was just as relaxing as I wanted it to be.

The resort was all inclusive which means a lot of food and drink.  Towards the end, the food got a bit repetitive and I actually looked forward to getting home and resuming a normal diet.  Not to say i didn't love having Nutella with every breakfast, but still...

The hotel was nice, aside from the fact that there was no hot water for the first few days.  I was not a happy camper having to take washcloth showers and hang my head over the tub to wash my hair.  We worked out a bunch too, although I started to slack towards the end of the trip.  The gym at the resort was bad.  This hotel has over 800 rooms, so it's big.  The gym however, had the following:  2 treadmills (one was broken), 2 stairmasters (1 was broken), 1 elliptical, 1 rower (shoe straps were broken), 2 recumbent bikes (I think they both worked), 1 spin bike (no shoe cages and no resistance knob), a few free weights (5 lbs was the heaviest), and some weight machines.  I was not impressed AT ALL.  So we took our workouts outside, did some running, some intervals, that sort of thing.  But I got bored with doing something similar each day so I bailed.

Last minute condo stuff is once again taking a toll on my schedule, so the gym may get skipped tonight, but I feel OK knowing it's just temporary and the end is in sight.

I'm working on getting used to having to go to work, but I'll be OK.

So just a quick post checking in.  I'll be back.

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