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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Good morning!

Totally random quick post this morning.

Pay no real attention to my chubby fingers
I wanted to endorse a product I used pre-vacation.  I did the usual manicure/pedicure prior to the trip, however I decided to splurge on a UV Gel manicure.  I went with the OPI Axium brand.  It was way more than a normal manicure ($35) but is supposed to last about 2 weeks.

This manicure knocked my socks off.  First of all, it dries under UV light and it takes minutes and then you're good to go.  Second, it lasted like nobody's business.

In the past, my vacation manicures either chip, discolor, or both. I usually end up having to bring nail polish remover with me and come home with no polish on my nails.

This manicure held up to sand, sun, water, and sunscreen.  It's been just shy of 2 weeks and it's totally hanging in there.  Had I not been forced to do manual labor and cleaning at home, it would probably be even better.

At my sister's suggestion, I went with a light color to avoid making the nail regrowth even more noticeable.  and it's still a bit noticeable, but only if you know to look for it.  Overall I think it still looks pretty great.

It requires soaking to remove, but I've heard that it doesn't weaken your nails like acrylics, which is what i'm hoping for.  I'm definitely going to do it again and am going to make an appointment for next week. 

Let me know if you've tried it or plan to and what you think.

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