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Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Long Sugar!

I've been letting my diet (not an actual diet, just what I eat) slide lately.  I've been busy and thanks to teaching quite a few spin classes i'm always hungry.  Hunger and convenience are not a great pairing for me.

While I realize that there's a "problem", I can't just go ahead and modify instantly.  I like to set a date and a goal.  Which brings me here.

I'm holding myself accountable to you, my mostly anonymous readers.  As of March 8th I plan on cutting back my sugar intake significantly.  My main goal is cutting out desserts and baked goods (my two weaknesses).  I will however continue to eat high fiber cereals with sugar, as long as that number is relatively low.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, my body has issues with sugar so I expect the benefits from this to be significant.

I'm also going to "try" to eliminate artificial sweeteners.  This may take some work, but I'm going to try.  Perhaps I can learn to love unsweetened coffee.  Perhaps I can't.  Again, I'm going to try.

Many of you have homes, and you have home-improvement plans.  Making modifications to your home so that it's just how you want it.  In this case my body is going to be my improvement plan.

I will likely need some support that first week when visions of cookies are dancing in my head, so I'll be here, finding solace in venting through words.

Thank you in advance for your support and any words of wisdom you may want to share.

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