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Friday, February 12, 2010

Job Loyalty?

This isn't directly related to fitness/health but as overall well being and happiness are often tied to how one spends the majority of their time I suppose it's not that far off.

I'm not eluding to anything specific here, just having some thoughts (as I always do).

Should loyalty towards your employer rank higher than happiness for yourself?  Have you ever stayed in a job because you didn't want to mess things up for your employer?  When taking a job, do you continue to look and figure things can always change?

I do sometimes take an employer's feelings in to account, is this wrong?  When I think about it, it seems like it might be.  Hmmm.

Just curious about people's thoughts on this topic.  Happy Friday!!!  A much needed weekend!

Although it won't be too restful as I have my usual class tomorrow morning and then on Sunday I'm scheduled to participate in a 3 hour training ride for my upcoming Spin Odyssey event.  Yup, 3 hours!  I have taught 3 classes in one day, but not all in a row.  Should be interesting.  Think of me on Sunday when you're relaxing and enjoying your weekend.

Oh yeah, happy holiday I don't really believe it!  (that would be valentine's day)

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