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Saturday, February 20, 2010

How To Choose Your Fruit/Veggies at the Supermarket (or Farm Stand)

I've got the basics down.  I know apples should be firm, tomatoes should be bruise free, bananas should be yellow with a little green, but when it comes to fruits and veggies I don't purchase regularly, I'm somewhat clueless.

I have been known to whip out the blackberry at the supermarket and google "how to choose a ____". 

So here's some information I thought was helpful.   These are produce items I could use help with.

Cantaloupes - color and aroma are the best guides, delicate aroma, thick netting that stands out, yellow-tinged skin under the netting, no evidence of stem at blossom end

Honeydews - creamy yellow rinds, pleasant aroma

Watermelon - should sound hollow when tapped, medium to light green rind but not yellowing, blemish free

Pineapples - "piney" aroma, golden yellow, slightly soft, ripe when a leaf is easily removed

Broccoli - avoid yellowing green colored heads as they are over mature

Eggplant - firm, heavy, smooth, even dark purple, free of bruises or cuts

Winter squash - heavy for its size, hard, good colored, unblemished rind

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