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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Best Things to do for Your Body - Part 3

It's ok to...
  • Ditch facebook - in other words, get out there and be social
  • Laugh - the amount of mood-stabilizing endorphins produced from 1 minute of laughing is the same as the amount released with 10 minutes of strenuous rowing
  • Take a "sick" day - use your days off
  • Have sex - a serious "romp in the hay" can burn as many calories as a 15 minute run, not to mention reducing PMS symptoms, and gettnig fewer colds
  • Snacking before a meal - snacking on health fats 20 minutes before a meal may help your body digest more slowly so you'll feel full longer
  • Trying on your skinny jeans - trying them on once a month or so will keep you in touch with how your body is changing, which is a better indicator than stepping on the scale
I like this group of things!  And I must say I agree 100% with them all.

Source: Women's Health Magazine

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