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Monday, February 22, 2010

Best Things to do for Your Body - Part 5

Here are some good for the environment suggestions...
  • Go organic - food grown without pesticides or herbicides contain more nutrients
  • Work out before work - prevents you from needing to shower twice a day
  • Unplug - unplug non-essential items as they use power even when turned off
  • Use a home water filter - reduce your use of plastic bottles
I don't necessarily agree with the work out before work reasoning.  When I work out in the AM I shower in the AM.  When I work out at night, I shower at night.  I'd only be showering twice if I worked out twice.  Does that make me dirty?

Here are some gym related things:
  • Mash up your workouts - mix up your workout and keep moving
  • Add intervals to cardio - adding interval training improves cardivascular fitness and torch fat
  • Stretch
  • Strengthen your hips to save your knees - tie a resistance band around your ankles, squat slightly and step side to side with as wide a stance as you can handle

Source: Women's Health Magazine

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