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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My (version of) Pizza

Just like most NYers, I love pizza!
However since moving to CT I haven't really found a pizza place i'm enamored with.  Not to mention that when I eat pizza I SERIOUSLY overeat, not a good thing.
A couple of weeks ago it was a freezing night and I wanted pizza but didn't want to venture out (or order enough to hit a delivery minimum).  I looked through the fridge and realized that I had tomato sauce, part-skim mozzarella cheese and Arnold's sandwich flats.  The light bulb went off!
I put sauce and cheese on to one of the flats and then baked it in my toaster until the cheese had melted and browned a bit.
I must say it was delicious!  With only 100 calories in the sandwich flats, 1/4 cup cheese (80 calories) and several tablespoons of sauce (max of 80 calories), this was a healthy way to eat pizza.  Between you and me, it tasted better than some of the pizza I've had in CT.
This week I bought 100% whole wheat english muffins instead and am really looking forward to trying my pizza on them.
Pair it with a salad or a veggie and it's a very satisfying meal.  Bon appetit!

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