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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Holy Cupcake!?!?!

Have you experienced Crumbs?  or Magnolia?  Since it made it's popculture reemergence on Sex and City a few years back, cupcakes have been the trendy dessert choice for many.

Now, we all know that I LOVE baked goods and can be a sucker for just about any mix of flour/sugar/butter, but my eyes have been opened.

I feel that knowledge is power and by learning more about what we're putting in to our bodies (or rather what effort we'd have to put in to negate it) we're atleast being held accountable for what we choose to eat or not eat.

I found this interesting article on NPR.  While very brief, it does throw out a few calorie contents for our beloved cupcakes.

How about this???  A crumbs vanilla cupcake with sprinkles has 780 calories and nearly 36 grams of fat and measures about 4 inches in diameter.  A magnolia cupcake clocks in at "only" 389 calories and 19 grams of fat, but it's only about 3 inches in diameter. Wow!

As usual, just an eye opener.  I may still choose to eat a big old cupcake down the line, but atleast i'm armed with information and hopefully plenty of time to spend at the gym post indulgence.

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