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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Best Things to Do for Your Body - Part 1

Yay again to Women's Fitness magazine which always has interesting articles and features.  I've wanted to subscribe for months now but wanted a deal better than $0.99/issue.  Well this past weekend I bought an issue on the newsstand and when I saw that it was $4.99, the .99 didn't seem so bad.  Planning on subscribing within the week.  But anyway...

They published a list of called The 76 Best Things To Do For Your Body - Now
So i'm doing my part and sharing the info.  They challenge you to do five a week.

Know your body
  • Know your body composition (unfortunately the BMI index isn't the best calculator, they encourage a bioelectric impedance analysis and say it's available at many gyms)
  • Know your family's health history
  • Know your cancer risk
  • Know your cholesterol levels
  • Know your resting heart rate (the lower the number the better) - take your pulse in the morning when you're most relaxed, measure the beats in 10seconds then multiply it by 6.  An ideal number is between 60-80 (lower if you're athletic).
  • Know your waist to hip ratio - measure your waist at the smallest point, measure your hips at the widest.  Divide the first number by the second.  An ideal ratio is 0.8 or lower.

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