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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Love My Sneakers

I've been dedicating about 95% of my cardio to Spinning lately, mainly in preparation for Spin Odyssey, but figured I'd talk about another form of cardio, running.

To me, running has always been the sign of a fit person.  Not necessarily true, it was something I wanted to do, but felt I couldn't.

In hindsight I see now that I had no clue of how to breathe and also pushed myself too hard too fast, thus burning out quickly.  Another legitimate issue that I had was shin and foot pain.

This pain brought me to numerous podiatrists and each suggested orthotics.  I believe to date I've had three pairs and boy, they are not cheap.  Doctors also told me I needed to find the right shoe, ideally a motion control style.  For years I believed that Saucony was the brand for me.  I wore numerous versions of the Saucony Hurricane.  And while no longer constant, the shin pain did still rear it's ugly head at times.

A little over a year ago I went to yet another podiatrist.  My feet were aching and my shins weren't getting any better.  Yet again, another pair of orthotics.  This pair clocking in at a reasonable $500!  Ha!  He also suggested I once again try new sneakers.

Having read a few sneaker reviews in various fitness publications I went in to my local athletic shop armed with my new orthotics and an open mind.  I honestly tried on every running shoe in the store.  Since my new orthotics were full length, I had to go up 1-1.5 sizes.

I had heard great reviews from people about Mizuno, so I was curious.  The final selection came down to Asics and the Mizuno.  I went with Mizuno.

I didn't think a shoe could change my life like this one did.  For the most part these shoes (plus my orthotics) have allowed me to say goodbye to shin pain.  I do still get the occasional pain, but it's remedied by some extra stretching and never hurts after the run or the next day.

Just yesterday I had a conversation with someone at the gym and she was complaining that she can no longer run due to intense shin pain.  I told her to see a podiatrist and be willing to reevaluate her sneaker choice.

Have you had a similar experience?  Do you believe in orthotics?  Are you a five finger fan?

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