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Thursday, January 6, 2011

maybe i'm a spin snob

I like control.  I'm better as the driver than the passenger.  I've often though it would be neat to try flying, but I feared that then I'd be on a commercial jet and uncomfortable since I wasn't in control.  That last sentence was a bit extreme, but you get the idea.  And yes, that thought really has entered my mind before.

Since I went from teaching 5 spin classes a week to only 2, I've had a lot more gym time to myself.  In my opinion, spinning is one of the best bang-for-your-buck cardio sources, so I've been taking a bunch of classes from different instructors.

On one hand, it's really nice to just take a class and not have to worry about cuing, timing, or music.  On the other hand, I'm at the mercy of the instructor, and sometimes that doesn't go so well.  Lately I've been feeling bored during classes.

This morning I went to a different gym for their 6:00am class.  I teach a 6a, so I know that energy and upbeat music are KEY.  This chicks energy was OK, but her music was no bueno.  My mom probably would have enjoyed it, but even she might have said that it wasn't the best 6am/pick me up/wake me up music.  My mom's a long-time spinner so she definitely has her opinions.  Every song was dated, the most recent being Beautiful Day by U2.  That's a fine song but I've heard it about a million trillion times.  Her warm up song was reminiscent of the Indigo Girls and I think her cool down song actually was the Indigo Girls.  I've never liked the I Girls, but even if I stepped back from my preconceived notions, their genre is not 6am music.

I'm opinionated, we all get that.  It was bad before I was an instructor, but I think it's only gotten worse as I've learned more of what riders like and dislike and adjusted my style accordingly. 

Do you have similar experiences, being an "expert" in a certain area and as a result holding others in that area to a higher standard?

Any spin song (or workout songs) that you HATE???


Stacey T said...

1. Totally related to this post.
2. Hope you left a note in the suggestion box about the music
3. Thurs 6pm spin class still open - want it?

Jessica said...

Since i'm not a member I figured my opinion didn't really count. :)

Thanks again for the offer of the Thursday. Last night I was at work until 5:50, is happening more and more, so I still can't get down there in time.

Thanks for reading!!

chrispins said...

Well, first of all, let me say that I am a HUGE Indigo Girls fan. HOWEVER, I am also aware that many people really are not, so I do not use them in my spin classes at all. I can totally relate to the 'spin snob' mentality. When I take another instructor's class, I have to completely love it to want to go again. If I feel the slightest bit bored, why waste my time again? As far as music I don't like....I'm not a huge top 40 fan, but I have been known to bust out a few hits now and again. I also despise anything that sounds like Enya-even for a stretch. I love all kinds of music, but if an instructor constantly uses the same genre or artist it drives me crazy!

Jessica said...

Chris - we're in good company being so picky. But it's also funny to me how what one person loves, another can so easily hate.

Guess it's a good thing most gym members aren't as particular as us! :)