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Monday, January 17, 2011

Manic Monday....wish it were Friday!

It's Monday.  Plus it's Martin Luther King Jr. day, which means that many people (not me!) are off from work today.  Must be nice.  :)

Not only do I have to be at work, but I have a 3 hour conference call with China in 30 minutes.  I'm already wondering how to handle the numerous bathroom trips I'm going to need in that time.

Speaking of which, funny story.  I was on back to back conference calls last week and desperately needed the bathroom.  So I dialed in to the second call on my blackberry, muted it,  and took it with me to the bathroom. I figured my two cents wouldn't be needed until the end of the call.  Pretty much the second I hit the toilet, I hear "Jessica, how about you start and give us your update?"  To which I freaked out and then said that I needed five minutes as I had just stepped away from my desk.  Oops! Thankfully that was OK and no one really needed to know where I was.  Just a random silly story.

Hope the weekend treated you all well!

One more quick tangent... GO J-E-T-S!!!
Sorry, couldn't resist.

I subbed out my class on Saturday.  I NEVER sub it out.  NEVER.  But my "friend" asked me nicely if I'd sub it out since his birthday was on Friday and he wanted me to be able to enjoy myself on Friday night and not say "I need to go home, I have to teach tomorrow", which is my usual speech on a Friday night.  So I did it.  I got myself all excited about being able to sleep in, which never happens on a Saturday.  We went out Friday, stayed out somewhat late.  I turned off the alarm clock and went to bed.  Guess what?  I was up at about 8:30a and couldn't fall back to sleep.  Seriously???  I did linger in bed for a while, but I was pissed.  Pissed that I could have taught but also pissed at my body for not letting me sleep in on the rare day that I actually could.  Grrrr!

Then I found out later in the day on Saturday that my sub didn't show and that someone else had to cover at the last minute.  Ugh!  Thankfully the guy who covered is great so it all worked out.  Phew.  Not going to sub out that class again any time soon.

I also got new spin shoes.  After trying on just about every pair in the store (in every size), I ended up with a pair of men's Velcro Specialized.  However, I wasn't really thinking, and got the shoes without the tread for walking.  I figured I don't walk much in my spin shoes so it wouldn't be an issue.  It kinda is, but since they can't be returned I'm going to just deal with it.  Walking is do-able, but it's weird and since you're walking right on the clip, you might wear it down.  My thought process right now is that I'll wear those when I take classes and wear my old ones when I teach.  Maybe?

Walking on the clip kind of requires balance so I actually thought to myself that now it's like I have a pair of those toning sneakers.  Ha!

OK, the ramble machine will shut her trap now.  Welcome to the new week and have a happy MLK!

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