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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I did it

My plan last night was to go to the gym for a boot camp class, but stuff was going on at work so I couldn't get out in time.  Insanity to the rescue!

As I mentioned before, I was nervous.  How could I possibly get pumped up standing in my living room?

Came home, hung out for a bit, then changed.  We moved all the furniture out the way, which actually made the place look nice and much bigger (which helped with the motivation).  Then popped in DVD #2 which I is Cardio Power and Resistance.  My friend had done DVD #1, but this was new to me.

It started out with a warm up, during which I got completely out of breath.  It entailed running in place, jump squats, high knees, butt kicks and a few other drill type activities.  By the end of the warm up my heart rate was HIGH.  Then we did some stretching, which was still on the difficult side and incorporated some yoga-ish moves.  Then the rest of the workout focused primarily on legs with a little for the triceps/shoulders.  Everything was done circuit style and then you repeated the circuit 3 times.

It was definitely challenging.  We hit pause a few times to allow for breaks slightly longer than the 30 seconds.  Sometimes I had to stop for a quick bit mid exercise, but I did get back to it.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised.  Once you got past the beginning, the time went by pretty quick.  I definitely worked up a sweat, which doesn't usually happen when I workout at home.  My muscles were fatigued last night and this morning I'm a little sore, predominantly in my calves, which is kind of odd.

Between you and me, I think I was a bit better prepared for this than my "friend".  While he's naturally fit and way more of an athlete than I am, he pretty much just spins, with softball in the spring/summer and an annual game of football over Thanksgiving.  While definitely not in tip-top shape, I have diversified my workout for some time, mixing in boot camp classes with boxing and even a little yoga.  Some of the moves on the video were similar to a boot camp class, but the intensity was kicked up a notch. 

In summary, so far so good.  Don't think I'll do another DVD tonight, but I'll continue to share my experiences with you as we go.

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