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Friday, January 21, 2011

Common sense, or so I thought

I received an email from one of the managers (not you ST! :) ) at one of the clubs I used to teach at.  Her email was entitled "reminders" and had a bunch of messages for the instructors.

Here's what she wrote for spin instructors:

Music- Please make sure you are changing your music/varying it so its appropriate for the crowd/format you are teaching. Also that the volume is appropriate and they can hear YOU.
Ex: Spin- the music should be upbeat to inspire/motivate and be a mixture of styles of music. Everyone has different taste and we want to TRY to please everyone. Try surveying your class every now and then as to what THEY want you to play.

As an instructor, I was surprised to read this.  But then again, this wasn't sent out when I was teaching at this location so I know it's not me.  But on a side note, I have heard a certain instructor play Kenny G in his class.  Really?  Maybe motivating for sleep, but not for hard work.

I put a TON of time in to my music and rides and am surprised to think that there are instructors who don't.  My little online spinning crew definitely put significant effort in to their music, which as riders say, can essentially make or break the class.

Maybe I shouldn't complain or care, because the more sucky instructors there are out there, the better us good ones seem!

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