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Monday, January 24, 2011


Good morning!

It's incredibly FREEZING here in the Northeast today.  So much so that it actually hurts to be outside.  It hurts any exposed skin and it hurts your lungs to breathe this harsh air.  I HATE IT!!

Class this morning wasa little smaller and I'm guessing that some people either couldn't make themselves get out of bed, or were up watching football and partaking in some beverages.

I partook, but sitll managed to get up at 5am raring to go.

Put together a new ride for the Saturday class and repeated it this morning.  It was a 20+ minute climb in 3rd, which is tough, but everyone rocked it!  There's something totally empowering and invogorating about getting a class to do something. I love it!

I'll post the ride in the next day or so.

Spin related, I picked up another class, so that's good.  Now i'll be at 3.  it was 5, then 2, now 3.  I think 3 is perfect considering I also have a full time job.

Not much else is going on here, just trying to stay warm. 

On a side note...
My dear friend is right now in the midst of pre-labor contractions and will be having a baby any day.  Exciting stuff!  Shout out to baby G!

OK, back to work.  Have a fabulous day!!

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