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Friday, November 12, 2010

TRX and snot rockets

Now if that's not an alluring title, I don't know what is.

I have always been the queen of random.  My mind jumps from topic to topic with no warning (or reason), so this post kind of goes along with that.

First, TRX.

I've posted about TRX before and was obsessed with it for a while.  Which is interesting since I've never done it.  But I wanted to SO badly!
My boxing instructor sometimes whips out a TRX as one of the circuit stations, but usually people rush over to it so I've never had the opportunity to use it.  Well this changed on Tuesday. 
He asked me what body part I wanted to work, and since the class was predominantly arms and core, I said back.  He gave me an exercise to do and told me to do 15.
I did my 15.  It started easy but by 13, 14, and 15, I was struggling.  But I did them.
Next day, sore, in the best way!  Love it.  Bring back that obsession!
Do you TRX?

Second, Snot Rockets

This lovely topic came up pre-marathon.  What does one do when they're running and have to blow their nose?
Personally, I stuff tissues in every possible spot (the band of my pants, up my sleeve, in any pockets).  However I never use them all and end up with sweaty tissue mounds post-run.
I read an article that actually instructed the "correct" way to blow a snot rocket.  Lovely, right?  If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's essentially blowing your nose, minus the tissue.
I asked my sister her snot plan for the marathon and she said she runs with a handkerchief.  LOVE that idea!  Why didn't I think of that?  So proud to be her sister. :)
Marathon day, we're watching and cheering, and this man runs past and decides as he passes, that now is the time for a snot rocket.  Ewww!  Thankfully he was in the middle of the street and not really near us, but still, gross!
So what do you do?

On another note, HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Hope to put together a spin ride, if I do, will definitely share it asap.

1 comment:

Angela @ A Healthy Fit said...

I want to try TRX so bad. I signed up for a class at my gym, but then it was cancelled because I was the only one signed up.

Snot rockets are disgusting. I use to run with my dad and he would blow them out all the time. I tried to do it once, but my snot didn't really projectile out, it just oozed. I know...TMI!