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Thursday, November 18, 2010

good things come to those who wait

The past few weeks have been crazy.  But the crazy was SO worth it!

I'm beyond excited to say that I am leaving the world of the unemployed.  In other words, I accepted a full time job!!!

I was a victim of the recession and laid off from my marketing job in May 2009.  Since then I've done everything possible to find work.  I started teaching, got my real estate license, worked for a few months as a consultant, and started working for 8 Minute Dating. All good experiences, but sadly, not enough to pay the bills and sustain long-term.  But I stayed positive and pushed through.  And now, almost 19 months later, it seems like it was all worth it.

So here's to staying positive and knowing that things will ultimately work out!

Unfortunately, entering the world of the working will require me to give up three (3!) of my classes.  I've been teaching two 9:30a classes, so they have to go.  However, I knew in advance and was able to give the club and the members two weeks notice.  My third class was a 6:30p class in New Rochelle, which is almost 30 miles from my home, and just too far to drive with a full time job.  This one was hard.  I had already subbed out my class for the next two weeks due to scheduling conflicts.  The job details weren't finalized last week, so this poor class had no clue what was coming.  So yesterday, I walked in to class and essentially told them they'd never see me again.

It was definitely bittersweet.  This class had been a challenge.  I picked it up from a very loved instructor with a totally different style.  As is often the case, her students didn't stick around because I wasn't her.  Numbers in the class were low to start, but I persevered and kept coming back and slowly (slooooowly) the numbers started rising and a following started to develop.  I had just started to find my groove with them when this happened.

So last night I had to break the news to them, and it was hard.  I'm not good with goodbyes and this was no different.  Overall they were happy for me, but sad for them.  At the end of the class they all clapped for me and I got a teeny bit choked up.  I'm such a mush.

I exchanged contact info with a few and hope to stay in touch, but such is life I suppose.

I always  knew this day might come, but when it did it was harder than I imagined.

But it is all good.  I'm doing this for a great reason and am excited to see what this next chapter brings.

Just wanted to share. :)


Angela @ A Healthy Fit said...

Congratulations on your new job!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got a full time position! I can't imagine having to go job hunting for 19 months, and to give up those little things we do for ourselves! (Just yesterday, my mom had sent me a birthday check, and she said 'don't you dare spend it on paying bills" so I didn't... I treated myself to a great couple hours at the spa, got my hair done, colored, styled!) Anyway, YOU did it, and I hope your happy in your position! Keep exercising too, even during this transition!!
Congrats girl :-)

Jessica said...

Thanks Angela and Marianne!

I'm really excited!

This whole experience has been a big eye opener and it really does cause you to appreciate the little things.

Exercise will definitely remain a priority, it's my drug of choice! :)

Happy thanksgiving!!