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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Slogan help...put on those thinking caps

Any creative thinkers out there?

I'm starting to get the word out about my Spin Odyssey team for this year.

I really want a clever name, and ideally something that plays off the word "spin".  Would LOVE to hear your thoughts!

So far I'm coming up with things along the lines of this...
Spin Cycle
Spintervention (wouldn't really use that one)
the Spin Doctors (which would be great if even one person was a doctor)

Not good.  Please help! 


Stacey said...

Get cyc-ed!

Jessica said...

That's cute!

LiveinTO said...

Get Spun (it's the name of a spin studio near me and I've always thought it was clever)

Angela @ A Healthy Fit said...

I totally want to do spin odyssey this year! I always forget to sign up. If you need any peeps on your team, let me know. Names...spin cycle, the spinsters...hmm, it's been a long week...those are probably totally cheesy.

Jessica said...

Thanks for the input, I appreciate it!

Haven't decided on anything yet, but hopefully soon.

Angela, would LOVE to have you on the team. It's an amazing event and it's nice to be with a team so you are sitting near others you might know. So fun! I'll keep you posted :)