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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

different strokes for different folks

A few posts ago I shared some music for a ride that I got courtesy of

The ride itself was called "unloading the hills".  it consists of a 12 minute hill.  you spend 2minutes adding the resistance on, then add as much as you can handle, holding it for 4 minutes.  then you take a little off, hold it for 3 minutes, then a little more, 2 minutes, then still more, 1 minute, making sure you never lose your hill.

For a 45 minute class, you do this 3 times.  the first 4 minutes are kind of miserable, the rest is better, but still not easy.  The first hill is in the saddle, second is out, and third is riders choice.

While not a particularly exciting ride, it is a great workout and really pushes the class to be honest with themselves and make sure they are always working hard.

I've taught this class four times now.  The first 2 classes though it was fine.  The 3rd class loved it.  but unfortunately I don't think the 4th class liked it.

The 4th class was my Monday morning 6am class.  Perhaps they didn't like it because it made it too easy to cheat/coast by.  Maybe they didn't like spending 12 minutes in the same position.  I'm really not sure.  I know they liked the music, just not the ride.

Lesson learned for me I suppose.  Monday 6a needs high energy intervals. 

When a ride really requires you to push yourself, do you?


Darcy said...

Isn't it funny how a profile will work for one class and bomb in another. I recently picked up a 6:30pm Monday night class & cannot figure out the vibe at all. Profiles/playlists that kick butt, excite and inspire in all of my other classes seem to go over like a lead weight in this one. Ugh.

I think this profile sounds pretty awesome & might have to put it into my rotation.

I know I didn't answer you question, but wanted to let you know I commiserate with you :o)

Jessica said...

Hey Darcy -
Thanks for the comment!

It is definitely kind of frustrating when I ride is a hit in one class and bombs in another.

Taking on a new class is hard too. While you're feeling them out, they're also feeling you out.

My Wednesday night class was like that and I'd say it took at least six months to find our groove.

Keep trying different things and soliciting feedback and it will all sort itself out.

Glad to know i'm not alone in this! :)

Marianne said...

Hi Jessica and Darcy,
so frustrating when you have a great playlist, 1 class raves about it and the other one so-so. I took another instructors class and I DID work it hard tonight. It takes alot for me to really sweat so we stayed in zone 3/4 or 7-9 the whole 55 min ride. He had a packed class! I signed up to take his class and another popular instructors class next week. I figure i'm getting a good workout ( i also workout hard when im on the mic too, but it's different)and I can pick up some music and new ideas!! :-)

Nicola said...

Cycle is the one class I know I will always get pushed in. I always try and do exactly what the instructor says, unless i'm starting to see spots and I have to slow down for a minute haha.