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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good


I hope Thursday is treating you well.  I CAN NOT believe that it's September.  How is that even possible?  What happened to the summer?

I feel like in years past I've had so much to show for the summer.  But this year, nada, not even a tan.  This was my first summer in two years where I worked full time, so that might be part of it.  But still, I felt like all my weekends were either busy with obligations or the weather was crap.  Cry me a river.

So the first of september, a great time to start over, kind of.  Of course the fact that this weekend is a holiday weekend makes that a bit more complicated.  I'm working on getting back in to my routine now but won't really turn over a new leaf until Tuesday, it's just easier that way.

Last night I was reunited with my long and lanky lover.  Curious?  It's the TRX.  I do think I'm funny.  I knew there was a reason I had skipped the week before but I couldn't remember what it was so I looked at the calendar.  It was my birthday, duh.

So even though i'm feeling a bit off, I was still so happy to be back.  The class was packed, which isn't a great thing when you're hanging from achor points.

I'm not sure how familiar any of you are with TRX but I do highly recommend it.  However, it's completely different than anything else so I wouldn't suggest going at it alone (at least for the first few times).  A few gyms offer it as a small group class (although it's usually extra money) or if they have one at your gym, perhaps a nice trainer wouldn't mind showing you a thing or two.  I've also found that osmetimes non TRX classes are starting to incorporate it.  My boxing class would use it as would an occasional boot camp class.

This is the move I'm feeling the most today.

I looked up a few examples of this move and found a few videos that weren't spot on in terms of form, however this one gets it right.  It looks simple and utilizes a relatively small range of movement but boy does it result in soreness.

Personally I think the obliques are an often neglected muscle, so any exercise that focuses on them will likely result in muscle soreness.

Again, I'm not a trainer, so don't take my word as bond, I'm really just sharing some information that I have found useful.

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Aunt Lynn said...

however...I wish you lived next door to me and I could hire you as my personal trainer.