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Thursday, September 8, 2011

I make plans...

and god laughs.

That isn't meant to be a religious statement.  But I plan to do something and some bigger force somewhere says "yeah right" and throws me a curveball.

Thankfully my eating is still on track. :)

However the gym thing is up in the air.  I had a follow up doctor's appointment this morning and while I'm not going to go in to details, it didn't go as smoothly as I had expected and as a result I had to sub out my spin class.  It's now 6:45pm and instead of teaching, i'm sitting at my kitchen table blogging.

This definitely frustrates me, but it's one day and things will improve.

On a side note, it felt great to TRX again last night.  Crunch is an odd gym.  They're introducing a class called Retro Robics.  Think Jane Fonda era.

Thing is, since it was the intro night at my gym, staff members had on leggings, leotards, and headbands.  Interesting.

Would you take this class?  I wouldn't because i'm just not in to things involving any sort of choreography.

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chrispins said...

OMG! They still teach this stuff at the Y where I work. Only they don't consider it retro. Is step aerobics considered retro too? We still have that one hanging around as well. They're definitely stuck in a time warp. Neither class is very popular either. I say, cancel them and add more spin classes!