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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the truth

Since I plan on being accountable for my September resolutions, I have to tell you that I didn't get time with Shawn T. yesterday.

The plan for Insanity is that Don Juan and I will do it together.  While some people say that working out with another person is motivating, I've also seen it have the opposite effect.  Last night for example.  I got home from work a bit early, figuring he'd meet me there.  At 5p he was far from home and in a TON of traffic.  We were both starving.  Knowing that it would be some time before he got home, we decided to skip Insanity.

Then this morning the plan was to wake up at 6a and do it.  Again, no dice.  We might try to do it tonight but who knows.

I'm a little frustrated that it isn't happening but at the same time I'm ok with it.  And because I've been working on eating more fruits and veggies I at least feel like I'm doing something that's good for me.

I want to do Insanity and I want to do it all out but also realize that I have work travel and a vacation coming up, which will make it that much  more complicated.  So maybe Insanity gets put on the back burner until October.  Maybe.

I hate when life gets in the way.

In the kitchen...
Anyway....last night I attempted to make baba ghanoush.  DJ had made eggplant parm on Monday night with the worlds largest eggplant, so not all of it was used.  I used this recipe.  It came out eh although I think I know why.
I have a sneaking suspicion that the huge eggplant was overripe thus making it very seedy and a tad bitter.  The mix of the lemon juice and a possibly bitter eggplant left it with a bit of a tang.  Plus while I was content using my trusty Hamilton Beach food processor, DJ felt it just had to go in the Vitamix.  I thought keeping some small chunks kept it eggplant like but DJ made it in to something that looked like hummus.  Since it was bitter he decided to add in a few baby carrots.  I'm not sure if this did much but it definitely changed the color of the spread.  The last step was to add some olive oil and stir, then put in the fridge for a few hours.
DJ tried it this morning and vetoed it.  Oh well.

On the flip side, on Monday, I made this salsa recipe and it was quite good.

I'm ready for the work day to be over so it's time to head to TRX!  Catch ya on the flip side.

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