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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bye Bye Summer

I know that technically it's not fall until September 21st, but now that labor day has passed, it really is more fall than summer.  The kiddies are back in school and rush hour traffic is in full effect.  Not to mention the fact that Mother Nature threw it in our face today with a high only in the 60s.  Thanks Ma!

My weekend was nice.  Friday I managed to get in a workout before meeting a friend for dinner. Saturday I taught then went to a pig roast.  Sunday I taught then squeezed in the smallest amount of pool time.  And then Monday I went to a BBQ and then had a relaxing night at home with the bf.

For me this weekend was also my last hoorah in terms of eating whatever I want and slacking on the gym.  Since moving in May I've been really hot and cold with workouts and food and as a result I've been kind of blah.  Both Don Juan and I have been feeling this way so we decided together that now is the time to clean up our acts and get our sh*t together.

My main goals are as follow...
  • Eat better (no more desserts or mindless snacking) and focus more on fruits and veggies
  • Work out regularly, as in almost every day
    • Bring back INSANITY
    • Run more
    • Weight train
  • Give up drinking (I am going on vacation in about two weeks so I will probably drink then, but that's it)
  • Make fitness and health a priority - right now my goal is to feel good about myself, so for the next few weeks (or however long) I'm going to focus on ME and doing what is best for me.  In my  mind this just might mean saying no to the temptation of going out for dinner or drinks with friends, but I'm OK with that.  Once I feel better about things, the social side will of course return.
Hopefully this whole process goes smoothly.  I think it should, especially because none of these are new habits, they're just habits that have been dormant for a while.  I've done it before so I know I can do it again.

First up, a visit from this guy...
Shawn T. from Insanity
So here's to turning over a new leaf, keeping myself accountable and sharing any valuable tips or insight with you.  Happy fall!

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