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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hot dog!?

I think that for some odd reason, CT is obsessed with hot dogs.  The food, not the dachshund.

Living in NY I rarely, if ever, saw a restaurant that I'd describe as a hot dog joint.  yet since moving to CT they seem to be everywhere.  Yes, in some cases they're the same name with different locations, but still, is there really such a demand for hot dogs?  I guess so.

While my new office is on a picturesque street, there's not much in terms of food in the immediate area.  There is however a place known as J R's Hot Dog Stand, and it so happens that it's right across the street from my building.  It's pretty much a greasy spoon, but with that extra emphasis on the hot dog.  It's safe to say that not much at this establishment would be deemed as "healthy".

The men in my office don't seem to mind running over there and grabbing a quick bite (often times a hot dog and fries), but I just can't do it.  Convenience is nice and all, but so is fitting in to my clothes.  I'll gladly hop in the car (when time permits) to find a better option.  Is this so wrong?

Are you on the hot dog bandwagon?


chrispins said...

I'm so NOT on the hotdog bandwagon. They are pretty big here in upstate New York. My family only eats a certain brand, because they are less disgusting than most, but I try to limit the amount of hotdogs I serve at home. I rarely eat them myself. Do we really know what ingredients go into making them? I shudder to think! So, I'm with you, I'd go out of my way for a healthier, less disgusting option too.

Jessica said...

Glad i'm not alone!
I will definitely do a hotdog on occasion, at a bbq or a baseball game, but that's about it.
But for an everyday lunch, I can't even imagine!

Have a happy holiday chris!!